Black Scale Clothing for Men

   Apparel Zoo is already known as the site for streetwear fashion, but now it’s turning to the dark side. The addition of Black Scale to their brand offerings brings a unique and exciting new option for customers.

   According to Michael “Mega” Yabut, one of the founders of Black Scale, they have always known what they wanted to accomplish with their street fashion “We wanted to do a brand that not only represented our style of fashion but also that represented the way we think.” As their streetwear clothing brand has grown, they have kept the focus on bringing the dark and mysterious into their line. Creating a darker side of streetwear fashion was always a part of their plan. “We wanted to offer something that was different. People weren’t used to it, but it was around, people just weren’t used to it in streetwear.” Mega said in a recent interview.

   Adding the line to the Apparel Zoo site will continue the growth of the Black Scale brand and gives Apparel Zoo customer’s a new offering in streetwear clothing. The line will offer a selection of hats, footwear and graphic tees and muscle shirts in a variety of styles that incorporate the mysterious dark arts along with other conversation-starting themes.

   Those who know and love the Black Scale brand will be excited to see the brand available on the Apparel Zoo site. This addition also introduces the brand and their growing streetwear clothing line to a new audience, one that will help the brand continue on their path to ruling the streetwear world. To learn more about the Black Scale line we carry or to buy online, please visit