5 Men’s Streetwear Clothing Brands to Look for this Winter

Fall goes by quickly and sooner than you think, it’ll be winter. Rather than wait to get your winter shopping done, visit Apparel Zoo and get the best deals on streetwear clothing brands before your friends get them. Here are five streetwear brands to be on the lookout for this winter season. 

Black Scale

Black Scale, the brand that finds the balance in the contradictory. Themes such as religion, government, identity and death inspire Black Scale’s designs and their clothes show it. Take for example, the juxtaposition shown on their Savior Tee shirt—Jesus and Arabic script. If you like a brand that questions boundaries and thinks outside the box—Black Scale is for you.   

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin is all about bright, graffiti-reminiscent prints on contrasting material. They’re a laidback brand that focuses on being positive. Pink Dolphin clothing is also only printed once, meaning items are limited, and therefore, exclusive. Check out some of Pink Dolphin’s sweatshirts or sweatpants for this coming winter. 


If you like to wear clothing that is a little more…vocal, SSUR NY is for you. With graphic t-shirts with sayings like, “Comme des Fuckdown,” and graphics that include JFK with a skeleton face, no matter what you wear it with, SSUR NY is sure to leave an impression.

Grizzly Griptape

Think Smoky the Bear, but mix in a little Jimi Hendrix, a clear love for the 90s, and an affinity for tie-dye patterns. Grizzly Griptape is brand that takes the best styles of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and remixes them into comfortable and cool styles that can be worn for any occasion.

The Gold Gods

Gold chains are back or at least, the Gold Gods are bringing them back. Take a look at the Gold Gods’ Anubis, Weed, or Nefertiti gold chains for an idea of just what this brand is bringing back in style.