“Don’t call it a come back…” Wait, I’d let you finish, but it looks like certain trends are calling it a comeback if this upcoming fall season’s street style trends are anything to go by. Streetwear fashion is ever changing, but it’s always nice to have an edge on what the next trend will be. For this fall, rifle through your parents’ closets, your local thrift store, or our tried and true Apparel Zoo to find this fall season’s streetwear clothing must-haves.

1. The Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets serve two functions: to keep you warm and to make you look really cool. It’s a no brainer; go get a bomber jacket before the cool weather begins.

 2. Denim on Denim on Denim

Remember when people made fun of Canadian jumpsuits? Well, now is the time you can laugh in their faces because denim on denim is back and better than ever.

3. Metallic

Silver, gold, aluminum, if it shines, it’s in. Whether you dress completely in metallic or only choose small hints of it, you’re bound to be in style. Our Imperious Metallic Gold shirt is a perfect example of a tee with graphic and metallic elements that aren’t overwhelming.

4. Overalls and Jumpers

No matter the material, overalls and jumpers are coming back into streetwear in waves for both men and women.

5. Pastel watercolor/florals

We’ve recently seen the return of floral patterns and now pastel colors and prints for both men and women are taking over.

6. Embellishments

Extra zippers, added stones, layers, patches, laser cuts, and fringe—you name it, it’s likely to be back in style for this fall’s streetwear styles.

7. Wide cropped pants/Joggers

Lucky for you, comfort is making a comeback. Joggers are relatively flexible apparel; you can chill at the house or run around town in them with no problem.Those are the top 7 streetwear fashion trends that are making a comeback this fall season. Don’t miss out.