The Spring/Summer 2016 fashion shows have wound down and it appears that streetwear and high fashion are headed for an amicable separation. But this may prove to be good news for shoppers looking for great deals on hot goods at affordable prices. It’s hard staying current on the latest developments in the changeable, fast-paced, and hype-driven urban fashion market, so we at Apparel Zoo are providing this overview to help make that task a bit easier for our customers this year.

As 2016 gets rolling, forecasters and savvy show watchers see a further shift toward casualization. Sportswear, especially old-school brands with nostalgia-inspiring labels that have lurked in the shadows for years, is making a comeback. Expect to start seeing a lot more of the classic logos of Fila, Umbro, and Champion that were ubiquitous in the 1990s.

In keeping with the casual trend, ripped jeans will still be in for 2016, but watch for a move away from high-fashion-branded pre-torn jeans. Affordable and expendable off-price jeans provide a huge opportunity for DIYers to spend just a little and give a big voice to their creative side by tearing their own jeans to make an entirely unique yet still broadly appealing fashion statement.

Kanye West’s Yeezy brand continues to set the pitch on the men’s hip-hop clothing scene, whether or not real people can actually afford to spring for the real deal. Thanks to Kanye’s stamp of approval, distressed clothing has had its lease on life renewed for yet another season, and more accessibly priced designers have done their best to fill the demand.

Hoodies are still timeless and snapback baseball caps appear to be approaching the same mythic status, and as another year comes in a people are still snapping them up. And what better to pair with both items than tracksuits, set to become hot again this year in line with the casualizing trend and the vintage athletic craze.

More generally, trends in streetwear are expected to follow those of the wider fashion world along the increasingly familiar road to functionality and technicality, or at least the appearance thereof. Look out for more stretchy, soft, breathable and otherwise practical and/or tough materials, as well as a continued proliferation of vaguely useful-looking pockets, zips, and anything that seems like it was made to get the job done—even if it’s only real job is to make you look like an übercompetent yet helplessly cool bad-ass.