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Jewel House Clothing Now Available at Apparel Zoo

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 1:04:24 PM America/Los_Angeles

At Apparel Zoo, we are well known for our streetwear and urban clothing. Recently we have added the Jewel House line to our already great options. The Jewel House clothing line is a men’s clothing line by rapper Lil’ Boosie. This line of streetwear also includes the Grind House line of denim apparel.

The Jewel House brand includes a wide variety of men’s shirts. These shirts range from long sleeve to short sleeve. There are t-shirts and pullover sweatshirts, both with and without hoods. This versatile line of clothing also includes nice button down shirts in both long and short sleeve varieties. The large range of styles means there is something for everyone and for every season of the year.

The Jewel House line carried here at Apparel Zoo also includes the Grind House denim line. We carry denim jackets in multiple washes from this Grind House line. These jean jackets have distressed looks that give them a stylish appearance. The denim line is great for many seasons. These denim jackets can be worn comfortably during spring, fall, and winter.

Jewel House clothing comes in a wide variety of sizes. The sizes start at men’s size medium and go up to men’s size 5XL. No matter what size you wear, Jewel House has something that will fit you. Each Jewel House product has the logo patch inside with washing instructions. Each shirt by Jewel House has the brand name or logo on some part of the shirt so everyone will be able to see that your love for this brand.

If you like streetwear and urban styles, check out the Jewel House line at Apparel Zoo. You can order online and pay with most major credit cards or PayPal. At Apparel Zoo, we have free shipping on all orders in the continental US to make shipping easy for you. We can, also, be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which makes it easy to keep up with all of our new products. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get updates on special sales and new products.

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Black Friday Deals at Apparel Zoo

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 11:25:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

Black Friday Deals are at Apparel Zoo on November 25, 2016. Receive an additional 45% off your total purchase with a Free Gift. To qualify, ebter coupon code " BF40" to receive this discount. Offer is valid for one day only. Ends on November 26th at Midnight pst. Offer cannot be combined with any code. Not valid on eBay or Amazon web stores. This exclusive offer is only redeemable at Black Friday will be epic this year! Don't miss this special offer on the internet's busiest shopping day!

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5 Men’s Streetwear Clothing Brands to Look for this Winter

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 9:03:24 AM America/Los_Angeles

5 Men’s Streetwear Clothing Brands to Look for this Winter

Fall goes by quickly and sooner than you think, it’ll be winter. Rather than wait to get your winter shopping done, visit Apparel Zoo and get the best deals on streetwear clothing brands before your friends get them. Here are five streetwear brands to be on the lookout for this winter season. 

Black Scale

Black Scale, the brand that finds the balance in the contradictory. Themes such as religion, government, identity and death inspire Black Scale’s designs and their clothes show it. Take for example, the juxtaposition shown on their Savior Tee shirt—Jesus and Arabic script. If you like a brand that questions boundaries and thinks outside the box—Black Scale is for you.   

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin is all about bright, graffiti-reminiscent prints on contrasting material. They’re a laidback brand that focuses on being positive. Pink Dolphin clothing is also only printed once, meaning items are limited, and therefore, exclusive. Check out some of Pink Dolphin’s sweatshirts or sweatpants for this coming winter. 


If you like to wear clothing that is a little more…vocal, SSUR NY is for you. With graphic t-shirts with sayings like, “Comme des Fuckdown,” and graphics that include JFK with a skeleton face, no matter what you wear it with, SSUR NY is sure to leave an impression.

Grizzly Griptape

Think Smoky the Bear, but mix in a little Jimi Hendrix, a clear love for the 90s, and an affinity for tie-dye patterns. Grizzly Griptape is brand that takes the best styles of the 70s, 80s, and 90s and remixes them into comfortable and cool styles that can be worn for any occasion.

The Gold Gods

Gold chains are back or at least, the Gold Gods are bringing them back. Take a look at the Gold Gods’ Anubis, Weed, or Nefertiti gold chains for an idea of just what this brand is bringing back in style.

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Grizzly Griptape x Jimi Hendrix Collaboration

Thursday, September 15, 2016 11:25:51 AM America/Los_Angeles

Grizzly Griptape launches a new collaboration to the legend Jimi Hendrix with The Grizzly Hendrix Collection. The Grizzly x Hendrix includes a 12 piece collection featuring an apparel assortment that embraces his lifestyle - with tie-dye patterns, font designs and iconic images of Hendrix from his career. The Grizzly Bear gets the Hendrix effect with his famous headband combined with hussar jacket and guitar. Other tees feature images of Hendrix at The Amsterdam Hotel and on the "Fan Club TV Show" March 14th,1967. This collection will be available online at Apparel Zoo within a few weeks and laughing today, September 15th (12pm pst) at the Grizzly Flagship Store.

The Grizzly Hendrix Collection Ads are Endorsed by Pro Skaters Torey Pudwill and Boo Johnson. 


Be sure to pick up this limited edition Collaboration Dad Hat coupled with a never before seen Grizzly Griptape and Jimi Hendrix t-shirt. These licensed products are now available while supplies last! Made of 100% Cotton and quality screen print graphics. 

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7 Streetwear Fashion Trends to Look Out for this Fall

Thursday, August 11, 2016 2:27:47 PM America/Los_Angeles

“Don’t call it a come back…” Wait, I’d let you finish, but it looks like certain trends are calling it a comeback if this upcoming fall season’s street style trends are anything to go by. Streetwear fashion is ever changing, but it’s always nice to have an edge on what the next trend will be. For this fall, rifle through your parents’ closets, your local thrift store, or our tried and true Apparel Zoo to find this fall season’s streetwear clothing must-haves.

1. The Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets serve two functions: to keep you warm and to make you look really cool. It’s a no brainer; go get a bomber jacket before the cool weather begins.

 2. Denim on Denim on Denim

Remember when people made fun of Canadian jumpsuits? Well, now is the time you can laugh in their faces because denim on denim is back and better than ever.

3. Metallic

Silver, gold, aluminum, if it shines, it’s in. Whether you dress completely in metallic or only choose small hints of it, you’re bound to be in style. Our Imperious Metallic Gold shirt is a perfect example of a tee with graphic and metallic elements that aren’t overwhelming.

4. Overalls and Jumpers

No matter the material, overalls and jumpers are coming back into streetwear in waves for both men and women.

5. Pastel watercolor/florals

We’ve recently seen the return of floral patterns and now pastel colors and prints for both men and women are taking over.

6. Embellishments

Extra zippers, added stones, layers, patches, laser cuts, and fringe—you name it, it’s likely to be back in style for this fall’s streetwear styles.

7. Wide cropped pants/Joggers

Lucky for you, comfort is making a comeback. Joggers are relatively flexible apparel; you can chill at the house or run around town in them with no problem.Those are the top 7 streetwear fashion trends that are making a comeback this fall season. Don’t miss out. 

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Black Scale Clothing Available at Apparel Zoo

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 3:24:18 PM America/Los_Angeles

Apparel Zoo is already known as the site for streetwear fashion, but now it’s turning to the dark side. The addition of Black Scale to their brand offerings brings a unique and exciting new option for customers. According to Michael “Mega” Yabut, one of the founders of Black Scale, they have always known what they wanted to accomplish with their street fashion “We wanted to do a brand that not only represented our style of fashion but also that represented the way we think.” As their streetwear clothing brand has grown, they have kept the focus on bringing the dark and mysterious into their line. Creating a darker side of streetwear fashion was always a part of their plan. “We wanted to offer something that was different. People weren’t used to it, but it was around, people just weren’t used to it in streetwear.” Mega said in a recent interview. Adding the line to the Apparel Zoo site will continue the growth of the Black Scale brand and gives Apparel Zoo customer’s a new offering in streetwear clothing. The line will offer a selection of hats, footwear and graphic tees and muscle shirts in a variety of styles that incorporate the mysterious dark arts along with other conversation-starting themes. Those who know and love the Black Scale brand will be excited to see the brand available on the Apparel Zoo site. This addition also introduces the brand and their growing streetwear clothing line to a new audience, one that will help the brand continue on their path to ruling the streetwear world. To learn more about the Black Scale line we carry or to buy online, please visit

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Hip Hop Apparel for Spring 2016

Friday, April 8, 2016 8:52:39 AM America/Los_Angeles

As Kanye West claims to have made a million dollars in two days with his NYC pop-up shop and his “The Life of Pablo” gets 250 million streams in its first ten days, it’s safe to say the anything Yeezy is still on top of its game and will add to yours too this season.

Sneakerheads especially have a lot to look forward to as the weather warms up. As iconic street shoe maker Vans celebrates 50 years in the business, Nike’s much anticipated Air Jordan 2 low top basketball sneaker in monochromatic “gym red” is slated for release on April 2. The all-red color scheme is a first for a low top ball shoe.

Meanwhile, Reebok is pairing up this spring and summer with streetwear giant Lemar and Dauley to pay homage to its basketball heritage with a footwear/apparel capsule collection featuring sneakers that tell the story of the company’s most iconic 1990s players—Allen Iverson, Shawn Kemp, and Dominique Wilkins. With their retro profile and eye-grabbing monochrome scheme, these are sure to make a splash on this year’s scene. Those with quirkier tastes should look out for Reebok’s Alien Stomper in April.

 Slim silhouettes continue to carry the day, so it is not surprising that jogger pants are still very much a thing. Men, women, and kids can all grab their pair on sale at Apparel Zoo. We’ve also got NBA-licensed outfits and accessories, and as usual a huge assortment of tees. Homme Femme striped tee shirts, flannels, elongated tops, and fishtail zipper hoodies are what the cool kids will be wearing as the new fashion cycle rolls around.

For the best deals on the hottest names in hip hop fashion, head straight to Men and women will find all the dope goods they’re looking for from The Hundreds, Benny Gold, Supra, The Gold Gods, Crooks and Castles, Primitive, Nike, Puma, RS1 New York, and many more.

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Hottest Urban Online Clothing Stores in 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016 2:36:42 PM America/Los_Angeles

Hottest Urban Online Clothing Stores in 2016

Apparel Zoo: With brands like Jordan Craig, Adidas, Good Denim Co., Puma, Mitchell and Ness, The Hundreds, Crisp and more, Apparel Zoo is LA’s next big thing in streetwear. Their buyers are known for their ability to track down the best and latest apparel and accessories at affordable prices and pass the savings along to you. The Apparel Zoo website is the perfect starting point for you next streetwear shopping spree. Visit to place an order or call 1.800.749.5606.

Dr. Jay’s: Whether you’re looking for sneaker selection, a bomber jacket, sunglasses, or a skirt, Dr. Jay’s brings you the goods that everyone wants to be wearing. With jaw-dropping promotions and a huge array of product, this is one of the places you need to be in 2016. American Apparel: This LA-based retailer is a big deal and with good reason. They’ve literally got you covered from head to toe, and because they’re so big they can accommodate a wide range of taste, as long as you’re young and urban.

Urban Outfitters: Another old standby that may seem like a conventional choice, but are you really going to try and deny that they get it right just about every time? They do. And their brick-and-mortar locations everywhere are a plus that lets you touch before you pull out that credit card.

Bodega: For these guys urban wear is an art form as it is for few others. They are the ultimate curators, offering high-end brands and scary-fast product turnovers as well as their own reputable line of in-house products. Karmaloop: This is an old man in the business that seems to be aging in reverse—their style and selection just keep getting better. They now offer over 500 brands and their online store hosts mini-shops that appeal to niche markets, like those of you seeking out small independent brands and unique gifts for your lady.

DTLR: Whoever does the buying for this East Coast-based store has an ability to slice through all the noise and pull out a selection that is crisp and tight and offer it to shoppers with an eye for genuine style. They traffic in the dopest brands with singular taste.

Reed Space: Creative and independent, Jeff Staple’s online outlet for clothing, footwear, and art is like a fine art gallery for streetwear aficionados. Not for the faint of heart, this is a place to visit if street fashion for you is almost a religion. Asos: Inject some offshore blood into your wardrobe with this UK-based retailer that offers thousands of styles from over 850 brands and free shipping throughout the US. These are the goods for the cool kids worldwide.

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Good Denim Co. Available at Apparel Zoo

Thursday, January 21, 2016 1:31:51 PM America/Los_Angeles

Apparel Zoo has announced that it is now offering clothing from the brand, Good Denim Co. Apparel Zoo has added jeans and hats from the collection that are now available for sale online.

January 21, 2015 (Los Angeles, CA) - Apparel Zoo has announced that it has updated its online inventory with new items from the clothing brand Good Denim Co. As a company that specifically caters to the active lifestyle community, the Good Denim Co. brand is a perfect fit for Apparel Zoo. The company is now offering several jeans and hats from Good Denim Co. that are made in Los Angeles.

As a new LA brand, Good Denim Co. has become popular with men that lead active lifestyles. Finding jeans that offer the perfect fit is one of the challenges that Good Denim has decided to take on. These jeans are especially designed for men with active lifestyles and the color options have been carefully selected to complement almost any outfit.

These stretch jeans for men offer superior comfort and are designed to last. The stretch fabric consists of 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex for maximum durability. In addition, these jeans are machine-washable and the fabric will relax over time for a perfectly comfortable fit.

Good Denim Co. men's jeans are available in several styles and colors, including regular, straight, and skinny fit. The color options for the jeans include Raw Black, White and Raw Indigo.

The company is also offering the Good Denim SnapBack Hat Black Yupoong Cap which features a flat bill design and green under the bill. The solid black color is the perfect accessory for the jeans and features the Good Denim logo on the front and back.

Good Denim Co. has also taken the initiative to support made in LA. With premium hand-cut denim, the jeans are sewed, treated, washed and dyed in Los Angeles, California. For those consumers who are conscious about supporting local businesses when it comes to clothing, Good Denim Co. has confirmed that the entire manufacturing process for their jeans is performed locally.

Apparel Zoo is already known for the other urban fashion brands that they offer including PUMA and Adidas. With the addition of Good Denim Co., Apparel Zoo seeks to extend its menswear items to include more options for men’s jeans that are locally designed and manufactured.

About Apparel Zoo: Apparel Zoo is an online retailer specializing in urban fashion. Based in Los Angeles, California. Apparel Zoo is one of the most well-known companies offering urban fashion that reflects the street fashion trends of the West Coast. With staple brands including, Adidas and PUMA, the company also features lesser known brands that have gained popularity among those in the Los Angeles area. To learn more about the clothing brands available at Apparel Zoo, visit the online store at

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2016 Clothing Trends

Thursday, January 21, 2016 1:26:34 PM America/Los_Angeles

The Spring/Summer 2016 fashion shows have wound down and it appears that streetwear and high fashion are headed for an amicable separation. But this may prove to be good news for shoppers looking for great deals on hot goods at affordable prices. It’s hard staying current on the latest developments in the changeable, fast-paced, and hype-driven urban fashion market, so we at Apparel Zoo are providing this overview to help make that task a bit easier for our customers this year.

As 2016 gets rolling, forecasters and savvy show watchers see a further shift toward casualization. Sportswear, especially old-school brands with nostalgia-inspiring labels that have lurked in the shadows for years, is making a comeback. Expect to start seeing a lot more of the classic logos of Fila, Umbro, and Champion that were ubiquitous in the 1990s.

In keeping with the casual trend, ripped jeans will still be in for 2016, but watch for a move away from high-fashion-branded pre-torn jeans. Affordable and expendable off-price jeans provide a huge opportunity for DIYers to spend just a little and give a big voice to their creative side by tearing their own jeans to make an entirely unique yet still broadly appealing fashion statement.

Kanye West’s Yeezy brand continues to set the pitch on the men’s hip-hop clothing scene, whether or not real people can actually afford to spring for the real deal. Thanks to Kanye’s stamp of approval, distressed clothing has had its lease on life renewed for yet another season, and more accessibly priced designers have done their best to fill the demand.

Hoodies are still timeless and snapback baseball caps appear to be approaching the same mythic status, and as another year comes in a people are still snapping them up. And what better to pair with both items than tracksuits, set to become hot again this year in line with the casualizing trend and the vintage athletic craze.

More generally, trends in streetwear are expected to follow those of the wider fashion world along the increasingly familiar road to functionality and technicality, or at least the appearance thereof. Look out for more stretchy, soft, breathable and otherwise practical and/or tough materials, as well as a continued proliferation of vaguely useful-looking pockets, zips, and anything that seems like it was made to get the job done—even if it’s only real job is to make you look like an übercompetent yet helplessly cool bad-ass.

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